We provide modern electric vehicle charging systems

We are a passionate team of professionals from the electric car industry who had the simple idea to create the UK’s first member owned public charging network which means a core focus on our site owners and consumers. We expect this will improve the current offer available to EV drivers across the UK and Europe, with lower charging costs than the big networks, more localised and community focused services enabling consumers to charge their car in the local area and make this available to all.

​We are technology agnostic believing that this industry is constantly changing and we should be able to change with it. Our business model is all about the customer journey, our member site owners and our consumers – the drivers.​

Our mission is to make a positive impact in the communities we work focusing on local benefit.

What advantages will you get using an electric car?

  • 01

    Cleaner & Greener

    Electric cars produce zero emissions, helping to keep the air clean and protect the environment.
  • 02

    Save Money

    Electric cars are more energy-efficient and have lower fuel costs, saving you money in the long run.
  • 03

    Energy Independence

    With an electric car, you can rely on your own electricity supply, reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
  • 04

    Powerful and efficient

    Electric motors provide instant torque for quick and responsive acceleration, while also being energy-efficient.
  • 05

    Convenient charging

    The availability of public charging stations is increasing, making it easier to charge your electric car on the go.
  • 06

    Government Incentives

    Many governments offer incentives like tax credits and grants to make electric cars more affordable.
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